Welcome to Isha’s Hair & Beauty

Isha Kulatunge


I had an eager to pursue beauty therapy as a career because I truly feel that it makes a difference to
other people’s lives. In a society which is both demanding and fast paced, I feel that beauty therapy
has an essential place; in terms of its relaxing and therapeutic qualities and its ability to enhance an
individual’s sense of calm, wellbeing and self-confidence.

With that intent Isha’s Hair & Beauty was formed back home in Sri Lanka in the year 2001. I then
subsequently opened another branch in Colombo before I migrated to Australia in the year 2006.In
all these years, what has passed, we have seen all this – successes and failures, highs and lows,
celebration and crisis, that is a combination of everything. But the one thing we never did was
accept ‘defeat’. This, our faith in each other, our trust on each other and our commitment to our
brand are those factors which brought us to the place where we are today. I will never see-through
this successful journey without the support from you. My family & my loving employees are always
my strength and spine for Isha’s Hair & Beauty.

Welcome to Isha’s Hair & Beauty

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